Can Reference Checks be Automated?

Can Reference Checks be Automated?

Reference Check is Vital

Checking references for candidates as well as employers can bring numerous benefits. But it is not at all easy to handle reference checks manually. It involves considerable time and efforts of both employer and candidate. During the whole process of reference check, it is likely to confront delays, excess time-consumption, referees’ lack of interest, and inefficiency due to the dull, slow tasks involved. Can the whole procedure of reference checks be simplified? Is there something that can make the tasks comprehensive and efficient? Can it be automated? Fortunately, it’s a yes! Before we know anything about automated reference checking, let’s read some major problems with manual reference checking.

Challenges with Manual Reference Checking

Since the recruiter has to be self reliant in the whole process, there are some major challenges in manual reference checking. From calling up the mentioned referees to following up the call backs, he has to be critically engaged and the issues which arise are-

Time Inefficiency

For any organization, time is crucial. It becomes a drawback if time is being unnecessarily wasted in any of the processes including reference checking. Calling up referees for asking feedback for a candidate may take almost one hour with a duration of 3-4 days. This much time allotment reduces productivity and you can also lose the candidate meanwhile (the candidate might join another job during the recruiter is too busy to check the references).

Unreliable Reference Feedback

  • You are just limited to listen to the referee while evaluating on phone. You can’t make sure if the reviews are trustworthy since you can’t have visual clues for authentication while checking reference on phone.
  • The candidates give references of their friends most of the time which retrieves more positive feedbacks than the negative. It becomes difficult for the recruiter to judge the reviews for as these actually should have been.

Call back Performance

It is not always the possibility that your call is picked up in the first attempt. It is in no way easy to track call-back of all the contacts for diverged candidates.  This is where an online platform can come in handy. As more and more tasks are being delegated to systems with AI, there is no reason that this can’t be done by computers.

Advantages of automated reference checks

  • You can make sure confidentiality and anonymity to the referees and get the true feedback.
  • Easier for the recruiter as he just needs to send the links to the references and then can get the feedback from them.
  • Easy to forward to the employer with no limit of times.
  • Referees are more comfortable with online feedback. An automated reference checking platform can help open up referees for a detailed and reliable feedback.
  • The results are faster with automated reference checking with increased response rate.
  • Automated reference checking facilitates sending reminders to the referees until they give feedback.
  • Candidates, as well as employers, can have repeated access to the recorded feedback.

Differences between Automated Reference checks & Manual Reference checks

Features Manual Reference Checks Automated Reference Checks
Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Response Rate (approximately) 2.5 7.1
Reuse for multiple jobs No Yes
Options available Voice calls only Video, telephone, written
Reminder to referee No Yes
Referee-friendly No Yes
Feedback Reliability Very low High
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