What’s Wrong with Reference Checks?

What’s Wrong with Reference Checks?

According to a CareerBuilder Survey, common applicants lie 62 times about their skill set, 54 times about their job responsibilities and 28 times about their academic degrees. To avoid hiring such applicants, employers necessitate conducting reference checks. However, although the reference checking is a standard part of the hiring process in their companies, there are several inconsistencies in the process of reference checks. For instance, telephone references are hard to deal with when it comes to documentation. Labor work done on documenting the telephonic feedback consumes more time than originally allotted. Additionally, this type of reference checks abandons any scope of signature of the references which further may prove to be a setback in case of any potential lawsuits. Imagine a reference repudiates his/her telephonic feedback on a candidate in question and as a result, you get into a legal jeopardy.

Whether or not, the reference checks produce efficient results also depends upon the person who conducts reference checks. An untrained and inexperienced recruiter will be likely to handle references poorly. The person having limited expertise in job specifics will be failed to dive into the relevant matters critically.

Most often, references are not reliable. The discrepancies are realized when candidates get on-board and within a tenure of around a year, they fail to perform as expected from their job role. As per a research by Forbes, 46% of the new hires fail to perform within 18 months of taking a job. With honest and reliable referee feedbacks, this percentage can be diminished up to a good extent.  The quality of questions asked by recruiters plays an important role in determining the reliability of the feedback. Asking only close-ended questions narrows down the view of the candidate’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Besides, loosely adhering to standard questions and “winging it” randomly over the phone may be accountable for difficulties in comparing the responses from different referees.

The above shortcomings involved in reference checking process can be eliminated using an online reference checker. An automated tool is much rigorous when it comes to recording the references for future reference, compare feedbacks to check integrity, check reliability and wind up the process quickly. TeleReference has designed a cost-effective, cloud-based reference checker that features video reference in addition to phone and written reference. The tool assists with informed hiring decisions and takes in all the burden of checking references from the recruiter.

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